Mankind’s epic adventure

“While Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon and held the world spellbound, the US president spoke to him by radio – “For one precious shining moment” – he said, “all of mankind is truly one”.

This poetic claim was very nearly the truth, the Apollo achievement was an unprecendent uniting experience for the global community, with people of nations around the world gathering before radios and televisions wherever they could, to become the largest live audience ever assembled. They watched and listened in amazement as witnesses to a milestone event in human history a milestone that was the product of a quantum leap in technological capability unlike any before or since.

Armstrong’s epochal “one small step” was the accomplishment of Science devoted to Space Exploration which was in itself a Buck Roger fantasy coming to life, the Space Exploration captured the imagination of the world and became a symbol for the highest and finest standards of technological achievement and for achieving the impossible.

Space Exploration dealt in superlatives of velocity and power beyond individual comprehension, and in titanic constructions outside any conventional experience, to the ordinary person space exploration has thus always been a somewhat a distant and abstract endeavor verging on the mythical, a realm of wonders, a futuristic Camelot seemingly beyond the borderlands of ordinary reality and this is true for the European Audience.

Our exhibition Gateway To Space, brings the hardware and the technology of this great adventure into Europe for the very first time. Along with the wonder and the drama of this inspiring story of human accomplishment, this exhibition marshals an extraordinary extraordinary collection of the instruments, the artifacts, and the spacecraft that made a modern reality out of ancient dreams.

With such a significant and impressive collection of space exploration equipment along with the technology, the exhibition presents memorabilia that brings that former era to life and even more importantly, illuminates the human stories that lend meaning to the hardware. The immediacy of encountering these artifacts will provide a rich and authentic experience that will bring the thrilling reality of the space exploration adventure to life for our European audience.